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    My first podcast interview: living and working in Singapore

    Recently recorded a podcast with Florence at the Cultural Marketer.  I am a big fan of podcasts and was excited to do one when she asked.  We chatted for over 30 minutes about what life is like working and living in Singapore.  From office culture to food to traveling around Southeast Asia, it was a fun little journey down memory lane of my time there.  Click here or below to listen.

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    Returning “home” to Singapore

      This week, I’m returning to my former “home”, Singapore.  It’s been over 7 months since I left Singapore and I had been missing it so much.  Returning after only 7 months is nice because things haven’t changed so much here yet that I feel like I’ve lost touch.  Most of the friends I had are still here, and I’ve even been able to crash at my old flat, so I’m truly feeling like I’ve returned home. When I am in Vancouver, Singapore seems like a dream, so long ago, but back in the stifling steamy heat of Singapore, I feel like I’ve never left! But Singapore doesn’t slow down. …

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    Kopi & Kaya

    Kaya toast, served with kopi and extremely soft boiled runny eggs is a uniquely Singaporean experience.  I first tried it as a visitor to Singapore, when my Singaporean friend Kelvin demonstrated how to eat it properly.  The toast and kopi can be consumed as served, but most Singaporean’s season the two runny eggs with soy sauce and white pepper, mix it all up, and slurp it up.  Two classic places to try this are: Yakun and Killiney Kopitiam. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the runny eggs, but I love a kopi and if I want to treat myself, I’ll go for some kaya toast too. Kopi Kopi is…

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    For the love of dumplings

    One of the my biggest regrets about living in Singapore is not finding out about this amazing hawker centre and the amazing dumpling stall until my VERY LAST WEEKEND in Singapore. Literally, on my last Friday on the little red dot, I met my friends C & B there.  C & B were regulars here for ages and for a while had a regular Friday night dinner thing going here.  C couldn’t believe I’d never been here so said to me earlier in the week “we have to go, I’ll take you there”. Naturally I couldn’t help thinking that I’d missed out on FOUR YEARS of dumplings from here!! It…

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    Where to go and what to eat in Singapore

    Living in Singapore, you get a lot of pass-through traffic.  By that, I mean friends who stop in Singapore for a few days, enroute to somewhere.  Aussie friends on their way to Europe, European friends on their way to Bali, whatever the case I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to have lunch/dinner/drinks with these visitors and giving them my list of suggestions for their visit. Here’s my list of places to visit/things to eat/do in Singapore that I’ve shared with friends, and now with you.  It’s long, so pick and choose what interests you the most. Eat – Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, so naturally I’ll start with recommendations on where…

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    Making Bak Kut Teh

    Bak Kut Teh – which literally translates into meat bone tea, is a traditional Singaporean/Malaysian dish, popular in both countries.  I’m actually not a massive fan, I prefer the Malaysian version over the Singaporean one, but even so, I can take it or leave it.  There are plenty of other things I’d much rather eat in Singapore. However, I wanted to try to make it so that my family can try it.  I bought a couple packets of the spice and tried the Malaysian one today.  I followed the instructions on the back of the pack closely.  It was easy to make and the results actually taste pretty good, for…