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For the love of dumplings

One of the my biggest regrets about living in Singapore is not finding out about this amazing hawker centre and the amazing dumpling stall until my VERY LAST WEEKEND in Singapore.

Literally, on my last Friday on the little red dot, I met my friends C & B there.  C & B were regulars here for ages and for a while had a regular Friday night dinner thing going here.  C couldn’t believe I’d never been here so said to me earlier in the week “we have to go, I’ll take you there”.

Naturally I couldn’t help thinking that I’d missed out on FOUR YEARS of dumplings from here!!

It was amazing, we stuffed ourselves with dumplings and beers from the nearby Smith Street Taps stall and then carried on with partying.  To save you from my sad plight, I will tell you about this place now, so you can also stuff yourself silly.  Every week ideally.


China Town Food Centre.  Officially 335 Smith Street but there are several entrances.  It’s on the second floor of the building.

Dumpling stall: #02-135

Must order:

The wontons in spicy sauce (红油抄手).  I’m going to attempt to make these soon, so stay tuned for that.

Pan fried dumplings (锅贴).

The steamed Xiao Long Bao were good, but not amazing, in my opinion.

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