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    Oaxaca: colour and heart

    Since my trip to Oaxaca City (pronounced wa-ha-ka) last Spring, several friends have planned/are planning trips to this colourful city and have asked for recommendations.  B and I were lucky to meet an American (J) who had been living there for some time on our second night in Oaxaca.  He introduced us to all the best restaurants and hip bars in town.  Most of the places we went to were featured in season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil, which aired a few months after our trip.  It was so fun to watch that episode and see on-screen all the places that we’d been to, including the little street taco vendor…

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    CDMX, Te Amo

    “I’m going to Mexico in December, I need to use up my holidays and I need to get some sun!”  That was pretty much the main premise of my trip to Mexico.  I left it super open-ended, booking a one-way ticket to CDMX.  The only things I had booked in advance were my Airbnb for the first 10 days in Mexico City and a one week Español course to refresh my basic Spanish. In total, I spent almost four weeks there over December and January and explored quite a few things.  The vibes and people in Mexico City are so warm and energetic.  So much going on there, one of…