Santa Marta waterfront
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Santa Marta | Gateway to adventures in Northeast Colombia

I took the bus from Cartagena to Santa Marta, planning to use it as a base to discover what the North East corner of Colombia had in store.

The town of Santa Marta itself is tiny, with a few hostels and restaurants catering to passing tourists.  Hot & sunbaked, I wandered around with my camera, capturing a few sleepy moments of the golden hour.


Hostel Españolete
Hostel Españolete
No filter needed for the gorgeous pink sunset














The Cathedral
Plaza de la Catedral


Banana stand
One of the many banana stands around town
Graffiti wall
Fresh graffiti storytelling the history of this area


Santa Marta waterfront
Santa Marta waterfront


Santa Marta airport
There’s a beautiful stretch of beach right outside the Santa Marta airport


Simon Bolivar statue
Statue of Simon Bolivar who died in Santa Marta in 1830

From Santa Marta, there are a number of interesting places on the backpacking trail including: Tayrona National Park, Minka, Palomino, Ciudad Perdita, and Aracataca (only of interest to me as this is where Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born).  I was intending to do the Ciudad de Perdida 4 day jungle trek and even bought a cheap pair of hiking shoes from the Calzado Bucaramanga shoe store on the main shopping strip.  However, a family emergency meant I had to return home early.  One day, I’ll be back to do this trek, visit Aracataca, and finish exploring the rest of Colombia.








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