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A and I picked Myanmar for our trip together.  It would be her last trip in Asia before she headed home to Germany.  For me, it would be a chance to take a bit of a longer break, with Christmas and New Year being a quieter period at work.  Neither of us had been to Myanmar, but we’d heard good things, so it seemed like a good choice!

Most memorable things about Myanmar:

  • How incredibly friendly and kind the people are
  • The beautiful, peaceful Inle Lake area.  Many people will tell you Bagan is their favourite, but for me Inle was the highlight of Myanmar
  • The pale yellow face paint called “thanaka” that all the women wear.  It’s made from a paste of water and some type of ground wood/bark
  • The delicious food — a mix of Thai and Chinese flavours
  • The horrible horrible food poisoning that both A and I got on our last day.  I actually missed my flight back to Singapore, it was that bad.  I eventually managed to crawl my way to the airport and booked a few hours at the airport hotel before a rebooked flight back to Singapore, but I thought I might have died in that little hotel room.  A was sick enroute back to Germany…and continued to be sick for weeks after.  I were VERY careful with what we ate in Myanmar, because I’d been warned by a friend who lived in Yangon, but somehow didn’t manage to stay healthy.

Some of my favourite photos from the trip…

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