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“I really need a beach holiday” my friend Alison said.  Alison had been back in Germany for almost a year and the poor girl was sun starved.  We were planning a reunion trip for December/January, so anywhere in Europe for a beach holiday wasn’t really going to be feasible.  South America?  Too far?  South Africa?!?  I’d never been but have this on the top of the list.  But Alison had been before…hmm…what about Zanzibar, she asked?

Zanzibar…that name alone sounded so exotic and exciting.  I’d heard of it, but honestly didn’t know exactly where it was or anything else about it.  I quickly googled it: Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa.  Official languages: Swahili (SWAHILI!?!), Arabic, and English.  Sounded exotic enough to me! So without much research or further discussion, we settled on Zanzibar.

For those with similarly foggy African geographical knowledge like me, let me introduce you to the beautiful island of Zanzibar, former spice (and slave) trade centre, a short flight or ferry away from Tanzania.

This would be my first trip to Africa, and after some initial reading, I found out that Tanzania is a top safari destination.  Bordering Kenya and Uganda to the North, Tanzania contains numerous national parks with lots of opportunity for safari and game watching.  The largest and most famous of these being the Serengenti.  Cue music from opening scene of Lion King…Ahhhhh…see Kenya…

Let the trip planning begin!

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