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24 hours in Brussels

Enroute to London, I spend a day in Brussels, capital of moule & frites, beer, and the European Union.

At an internet cafe, I check my emails and Facebook and hear some shocking news that an acquaintance has died.  C was actually my first scuba diving instructor, taking me through my intro to Padi course on the Perehentian Islands in 2008.  I had an instant crush on him (what is it with scuba diving instructors?!) and feel like he played a role in my love for scuba diving.

Such a tragedy, so young and alive, and the type of person to befriend everybody.  I’m in shock and saddened.  Life can be very fleeting, there’s no guarantees.

So my day in Brussels is bittersweet, full of introspection, though I did manage to get in the Mannequin Pis, a tour of the EU, and the Triumphal Arch.

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